She was the only child of her parents â?? Drs. Rajesh and Nupur Talwar. At the time of the incident the parents were in the adjoining bedroom but unfortunately did not hear anything that happened that night. They discovered the body in the morning when Nupur entered Aarushiâ??s room. Since the live in servant Hemraj was missing, Rajesh lodged an FIR that Hemraj had murdered Aarushi and run away.

Aarushi Talwar

Investigation by the UP police

â?ª Ã? Before the Central Bureau of Investigation took over, the investigations into the Aarushi Talwar case were carried out by the UP police.

â?ª Ã? They neither sealed the area nor did they restrict the entry of visitors.

â?ª Ã? One day after Aarushi Talwar was found murdered, the body of the servant Hemraj was found on the common terrace of the flat.

â?ª Ã? A week later, on 23rd May 2008 Rajesh was arrested on the charge of murdering Aarushi and Hemraj.

The reason given by the then IG police Meerut, Mr Gurdarshan Singh was extremely vulgar and defamatory. He alleged that Rajesh saw Aarushi and Hemraj in a compromising position and he got angry and killed both of them. The IG Police did not bother to confirm the authenticity of what he spoke, neither did he care that he was casting false aspersions on the character of two people, one of whom was a child, and both were now not present to defend themselves. Not only that, he did not even remember â??Aarushi Talwarâ??sâ?? name when he was making this offensive announcement on national TV.

Role of Media in the Aarushi Talwar case

The media played a key role in highlighting the case as a high profile one. The house in Noida was deluged by the media till at least one month after the murders. All kinds of stories were made, casting aspersions on the character of not only Rajesh and Nupur, but also of Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj who were no longer present to defend their honor. These stories had no basis, yet the public lapped them up and the media continued to show what they wished, to increase their TRPs.

They were refuted to a certain extent by Aarushi Talwarâ??s parents, but it was not possible to negate all of them. Having had no previous exposure to the media and also having to deal with the extremely tragic situation of having lost her daughter and her husband having been sent to jail, Nupur Talwar was in no frame of mind to deal with the salacious gossip going around in most of the TV channels. She however maintained her composure and did not break down in public. This was also regarded as a crime, as when circumstances changed and the public perception worsened further, people very easily accepted the lies told by the Central Bureau of Investigation, that Nupur was an accomplice of Rajesh in killing their only child.

Aarsuhi Talwar

Investigation by the 1st team of Central Bureau of Investigation

â?ª Ã? Due to botching up of the case by the UP police and arrest of Rajesh without a shred of evidence, a request was made by the family and the Aarushi Talwar case was transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation on 31st May 2008.

â?ª Ã? The first team of CBI was headed by Joint Director, Mr. Arun Kumar. His team carried out all kinds of scientific tests and Rajesh’s involvement in the crime was ruled out.

â?ª Ã? A sound reconstruction test was done in the middle of the night (at the likely time of the murders) and it was Volume Pills found that noise in Aarushi Talwarâ??s room did not not carry over to the parentsâ?? room with the ACs on in both the rooms. (This was suppressed by the CBI in its closure report to give it the leeway to cast aspersions on the parents).

â?ª Ã? UV light testing revealed that Hemraj was not murdered in the flat.

â?ª Ã? Rajesh was subsequently released by the Central Bureau of Investigation as no evidence was found against him.

â?ª Ã? During his interrogation, to check the veracity of his testimony, Rajeshâ??s compounder Krishna was subjected to the Lie Detector test and was found to be indulging in deception.

â?ª Ã? Further scientific tests including a narcoanalysis carried out on Krishna showed his involvement in the crime. He named the presence of two other servants, Raj kumar (servant of Talwarsâ?? friend Durranis) and Vijay Mandal (servant of Talwarsâ?? neighbour, Puneesh Tandon) on the night of the murders.

â?ª Ã? Scientific tests carried out on all 3 servants showed their involvement in the crime and they were subsequently arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation. Unfortunately, a chargesheet was not filed within 90 days and the servants were released from judicial custody on bail.

Investigations by the 2nd team of Central Bureau of Investigation

The first CBI team was changed in Septemberâ??09. The IO (Investigating officer) of the second team was Mr. AGL Kaul. It seems strange that after the new IO took over, the servants were not called for interrogation and no investigations were carried out to assess their role in the crime, depite the fact that scientific tests carried out by the 1st team of CBI had revealed their involvement. In fact the servants were given a clean chit by the 2ndteam of Central Bureau of Investigation without a single investigation on record after they took over.

The team filed for closure of the Aarushi Talwar case in December 2010, citing their inability to come up with enough evidence. Rajesh and Nupur vehemently opposed the closure report as they wanted their daughter Aarushi Talwarâ??s killers to be caught. The Central Bureau of Investigation cleverly left the sword hanging on the Talwars and said that despite lack of evidence they were the prime suspects. The closure report made insinuations against the parents of Aarushi Talwar based on fabricated evidence and the CBI deliberately fed the media with a lot of lies, along the same lines as done by the UP police. CBI being a government organization with a lot of power, the media did not verify that the facts being given to them were without any actual basis. Since the Talwars opposed the closure report, the Central Bureau of Investigation made it a matter of their prestige to stand by whatever they were saying irrespective of whether there was any truth in it or not.

Rajesh and Nupur Talwar who after almost 2 and a half years were just coming to terms with their enormous loss and were beginning to live their life again without Aarushi, had a tremendous jolt. The media and the 2nd team of the Central Bureau of Investigation together managed to crucify them both, even before they were called for trial for the murder of their daughter Aarushi Talwar.

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