Centre for DNA fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD), Hyderabad’s report of November 2008:

Krishna’s pillow cover has Hemraj’s blood.

December 2010: This fact is missing from the Closure Report filed by CBI.

February 2011: Talwars after being chargesheeted get access to this report and they mention the same in Allahabad High Court.

CBI tells the court that there is a ‘Typographical Error’.

March 2011: CBI seeks a clarification from CDFD on the ‘Typo Error’.

CDFD report on March 24th 2011: An unstamped document says that a’Typographical Error’ has occurred.

2 years after the error had been committed
1 month after Talwars mention it in court
1 week after the CBI ‘suggests’ to CDFD about the error.
1 week after Allahabad High Court judgement accepts the ‘Typo Error’.

Was there really a ‘Typo Error’?

Why then did S.P.R. Prasad, the scientist from CDFD who was cross examined by the defence, say that the CBI had not asked for or received, any of the papers pertaining to how the error was committed in the first place?

Why did Prasad have no idea as to why packages of critical evidence opened before the trial court had no CDFD seals on them?

CDFD claims that findings pertaining to Hemraj’s and Krishna’s bedding were accidentally swapped by some clerk typing the report.

Is that how India’s premier DNA testing lab is supposed to give its reports?

Is the CBI trying to save its face with the ‘Typo Error’?

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